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No business should go without legal representation and conduct business, especially before sorting their internal affairs. With Com Law, you get a legal partner you can trust.

Dedicated Toronto Business Lawyers

Are you looking to purchase a corporation, enter into a franchise agreement, or start your own business? Com Law is here to assist you from the get-go.

Our clients are creative, thoughtful people and so are we. At Com Law, our client-centered process allows us to deliver custom, creative solutions for your business. We work to understand your needs and cater to your budget.

We have helped hundreds of clients get their businesses off the ground, with our cost-effective legal solutions. Our team of dedicated Toronto business lawyers will work alongside you, no matter the scope of the project.

Succeed with your startup

Nothing is more exciting than the energy and excitement surrounding a new business. From the eureka moment to putting your ideas into motion, the most important factor of a startup is the strength of the founding team.

That’s why Com Law is here to help.

Joining your team, we can help you form a legal entity, prepare founder’s documents: shareholder, restricted rights, and contractor / employment agreements, as well as IP assignments. We can assist with your initial core, outward facing documents, such as NDAs, terms and conditions of use, and privacy policies. Com Law is also ready to help with your seed and early-stage fundraising initiatives.

A legal partnership you can trust.

At Com Law, we partner with (, an emerging blockchain ecosystem helping business owners grow their companies and achieve deeper engagement with their communities.

This partnership gives us the tools to assist lean startups looking for a suite of legal documents to cover most initial, generally-required, legal documents.

No new business should go without legal representation and conduct business, especially before sorting their internal affairs. Com Law is here to make sure that you have everything you need for your startup, giving you a legal partner you can trust.

Modern and cost-effective legal services

Com Law works with partners like and to bring you digital, cost effective legal services, on your schedule. Our practice is built for clients like you, with modern communication systems and a custom client portal.

Our online contract / document shop is accessible 24/7, so you can fill out a questionnaire and begin the legal process whenever is most convenient for you. Using both automation and manual lawyers’ reviews, our goal is to make your legal needs efficient and cost-effective.

For more information on how we can assist your startup, schedule a meeting with us. Our preliminary discussions are free of charge!

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