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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

With extensive experience in the sphere, Com Law can assist you with legal strategies for your Blockchain & Cryptocurrency project.

Conquer tech challenges with a legal strategy

Navigating through new technology, like Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto, and DeFi, etc. can be a nightmare. Finding a regulatory home and complying with existing laws can also be a challenge. For most projects in this sphere, a critical success factor is legal guidance, from as early as the conceptual stages.

Questions like: “Did my multi million dollar token issuance breach security laws?” are better answered prior to token or coin issuance and not as an afterthought.

Com Law has assisted various projects, based in Canada and overseas, with legal strategies during the conceptual and product development stages. Our Toronto cryptocurrency lawyers can help ascertain whether establishing / launching your project is better suited in Canada, or elsewhere. We take into consideration fit and team strength, as well as objectives, prior to proceeding.

Tailored legal assistance from Toronto blockchain lawyers

We can assist in advising you in all aspects of your blockchain or cryptocurrency project. Our assistance reaches outside of Canada, where we have partners in the Caribbean and Asia.

Whether you are looking to raise funding through a coin offering or seeking legal and regulatory assistance with your blockchain project, Com Law PC is able to assist you in creative, tailored legal strategies.

Toronto cryptocurrency lawyers help you discover your legal options

For those looking to invest in Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto and DeFi projects, Com Law can assist your project. Using legal due diligence, we can represent you in your acquisition of shares or coins / tokens.

While we typically assist projects looking to conduct any coin / token offering, we are happy to discuss different options. This includes reaching out to regulators (eg. OSC Launchpad), with a well formulated application.

For more information on how we can assist your Blockchain or Cryptocurrency project, schedule a meeting with us. Our preliminary discussions are free of charge!

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